Credit to Scourch (@schwaan)

Spy ~ Vampire ~ Brawler

Age: ~ 74yrsBuild: Muscular hourglassEyes: Bright grey
Alignment: NeutralRace: ReachfolkHair: Chestnut auburn

Character Overview

Kellandria was raised in the area near Karthald by her mother's family and placed herself on the path to becoming a priestess of Kyne relatively early in life. That path changed drastically when she was turned just months after her 19th birthday.

The vampire was passing through the area and sated their hunger on a girl gathering wildflowers and mushrooms. Unfortunately, the Hagraven who owned the girl objected to this transgression and demanded a replacement. Unsuspecting Kellandria was sired hours later.

She lived with the Hagraven for several years until her captor eventually grew tired of Kellandria's lack of magical aptitude. Clever thinking and force of will allowed her to escape the creature's grasp alive and she set out on her own, traveling deeper still into an unfamiliar land. Some time afterward she wandered into the forest protected by her distant relative Morithabd and took up residence there.

In the years that followed Kellandria grew into her powers with the help of the elder vampires and took a Childe of her own, a Ravenblood Clan hunter, Vilkas Dark-Wolf. Another few decades later and her vampiric blood began to burn like fire in her veins, painfully urging her to find the progenitor.

Now she moves within the Druadach Mountains where she serves a distant relative. Her only love and most trusted companion is a talkative sooty white bat, Squeaks, that travels with her everywhere.

Kellandria's body reflects her dedication to martial perfection. Her form is toned and sculpted with obviously strong muscles in addition to her feminine curves. She wears her deep brown-auburn hair down but always pulled away from her eyes. Several piercings and tattoos mark her face, back, thighs, and arms. She wears a blood amber dangling from a gold chain in her left ear and a cold iron torque around her neck.

Abilities & Interests

Credit to Scourch (@schwaan)

Martial Artist - While perhaps a bit more meditative than ferocious, her style is intensely acrobatic.

Devout Kyne Worship - As a girl, Kellandria dreamed of serving Kyne and despite being a vampire, unloved by Kyne, her dream remains.

Thick Skin and Low Self-Esteem - Years of being treated as inferior have given Kellandria a rather low opinion of herself.

Vampirism - The abilities of Kellandria's bloodline are not dissimilar from many others, allowing Kellandria to appear mortal more often than not. Details on this bloodline can be descerned by speaking with her player.

Hand-to-Hand Combat - Kellandria prefers to fight unarmed and unarmored, using her supernatural abilities to enhance her lethality.

Spying - She is a keen observer; and can collect, evaluate, and disseminate vital information effectively.

Deferential to Authority - Unlike many, if not most of her Reach brethren, Kellandria bows readily to proven authority figures.

Persuasion - When given the option, Kellandria usually chooses the path of diplomacy.

Relationships & Contacts

Squeaks, Credit to Scourch (@Schwaan)
Distant Relative: MorithabdChilde: Vilkas Dark-Wolf
Bat Friend: SqueaksBloodsworn: Ravenblood Clan



Hand-to-Hand Combat, Martial Arts, Boxing & Pit Fighting

Kyne Worship


Squeaks the Bat

Stealth, Spying

No Magical Ability

Art References

Specific Piece:
A colored full-body painted portrait of Kellandria and Squeaks!

Fighting stance or alert posture in The Reach with a crumbling tower off in the distance and the outline/shape of a hawk in the sky. There was a storm, but it’s clearing now.

Race: TES Breton descended Reachfolk (human, with slightly pointed ears)
Visible Age: Early Twenties
Build: Sarena Williams as a Breton. Muscular hourglass, well-defined arms and abs with a small waist and super muscular thighs. Large breasts that are well secured.

Skin: Pale with a hint of olive.
Scars or Tattoos: Light/faded Thracian warrior tattoos (the lines and dots more than the animals)
Eyes: Bright clear grey.
Hair: Below shoulder height. Deep auburn, a richer red than the screenshots can account for. Thick and unruly, pinned loosely away from her face like a boxer. Hair rings are prevalent.

Makeup: darkened, smoky kohl eyes. Clean lips, only slightly colored naturally.
Jewelry: Black torque. Circlet, armband, earrings, and hair rings of white and yellow gold. Right eyebrow and left nostril pierced. Bridge of nose and labret piercings. The ear with the fire opal is pierced all along the outside edge with more Sunshorn bounty rings (she's earned at least one of each gemstone).

Clothing: Fingerless gloves/hand wraps. Bare midriff and arms. Dark leather with fur and/or shell/bone trim. If Reachfolk had Haute Couture, Kellandria would be wearing it. Polished tribal, easy to move in, a sexy scary woods warrior that will rip your throat out with her teeth.
Posture/Stance: Springy and coiled, ready to strike at any time and aware of her surroundings
Default Expression: Resting Bitch Face x100. Sarcastic and perpetually bored. As if to say "well I wasn't expecting to kill people in this outfit, but if I have to..."

Other: Has fangs that are visible if she smiles broadly.
Squeaks the Bat: is white with grey (not red, like the game model) and likes to either glide around her or snuggle into her pants pockets as she travels.

Jewelry art explainer



Oh hai! If you're interested in RPing with this character or want to chat about her, please reach out to me :) While Kellandria is a vampire, note that she doesn't advertise it or appear outwardly as one unless stated IC.

In-Game: [PC-NA] @EmpressValkyrie
Discord: @EmpressValkyrie#1337

No Drama Llamas
Just Be Fucking Nice

Screenshot Credit
Many of the screenshots used for this profile were taken by Scourch, of the ESO-RP community.

Behind the Scenes
Kellandria is based on my SWTOR Imperial Agent of the same name.